Gages Lake Bible Church




September 2017
From the Rices:

"....J and the older two had a great weekend with the youth from the church. The young adult leaders did a great job organizing everything. Please pray for J as he picked up a deer tick that he didn't discover until today. They can carry a couple different bacteria/illnesses here, so please keep that in prayer.

Thank you!"

October 2017
From the Lamberts in Swaziland:     

“We hope you are all having a great Sunday!  Our family spent the morning at Evangelical Bible Church. It was Awana Sunday. We enjoyed seeing some of our new friends receive awards for a job well done this year. It was also a little confusing for Jackson. Awana just started in the states and here they are ending and on break until the end of February. The school year here ends the beginning of December. Another confusing thing is they don't have the same groups. When Awana starts up he will be a Spark still. Then he will be a flame (grades 4-5), then torches (grades 6-7). Timothy awards (if they have been earned) are given at the end of seventh grade.

We are attempting to learn a little siSwati from local people we run across in our errands and daily interactions. We technically purchased a car. However, we still need to transfer ownership over and have lots of paperwork to officially complete the purchase with the Kingdom of Swaziland. Things take a lot longer here than in the states.

We just got wifi (when it stays on) at our flat. Our water continues to go out daily here. Actually today is the first time it hasn't. We are learning to appreciate things we took for granted in the states. This past week was filled with blessings and lessons. All of which have God growing us according to His plan.

I'm thankful to have finally meet Elysa in person!  She was such a blessing to me answering my crazy questions about any and all things Swaziland as we prepared to leave. Our friends/coworkers that are helping us navigate all things new here ❤️. Friends and family back in the states that send messages of love via WhatsApp and messenger and understand when I can't respond. God has been so good to us. Oh, i can't read comments or see pictures in Facebook posts most of the time. Please forgive us for not reacting. I'm just happy to be able to post. We will try to update here a couple times a week. (If wifi cooperates).”

Gages Lake Bible Church prayerfully and monetarily supports each of the Missionaries listed below. 


Bruce & Marti Brumfield
Mission Agency: AWANA
Serving in: USA - IL, WI

Mike & Sandie Campo
Mission Agency: Christian Jew Foundation
Serving in: USA - Chicago Area

Stan & Frieda Frazier
Mission Agency: New Tribes
Serving in: USA - Florida

Linda Johnson
Mission Agency: Crossworld
Serving in: USA - Now

Michael & Wendy Lambert
Kids: Zachary, Maxwell, Jackson
Mission Agency: Transworld Radio
Serving in: Swaziland Africa 
Contact: and

Jonathan & Wendy Latham
Kids: Gloria
Mission Agency: Gospel Fellowship
Serving in: Mexico


Brian & Carol Ann Lawrence
Kids: Janna, Jeremy, Isaac
Mission Agency: Christar
Serving in: Canada
Contact: AND

Mark & Joanne Mackey
Mission Agency: European Christian Mission NA, Inc.
Serving in: Ukraine, Peru, Israel 

John & Linda McGhee
Kids: David, Jeffrey
Mission Agency: New Tribes
Serving in: USA - Florida
Contact: AND

Jason & Adele Rice
Kids: Gavin, Payton, Dawson
Mission Agency: Association for Baptists for World Evangelism
Serving in: Slovakia
Contact: AND 

Henry & Linda Vosburgh
Kids: Matthew, Katelyn, Lucas
Mission Agency: Midwest Church Extension
Serving in: USA - IN, IL, WI
Contact: N/A