Gages Lake Bible Church




From the Rice Family:

“...have received five texts from the police, so this means our cards are ready. Please pray as we'll be going to pick them up next week. Please also be praying for our English camp preparations. Thank you!” 

From John & Linda McGhee:

….be praying for the sister of our Missionary Linda McGhee. The sister has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. John and Linda have changed their plans and will be going to see her.


Praise and prayer request From the Rice Family:

“...Jason was seen less than half an hour before closing! What a praise! The VERY good news is that our residency has been approved, though we don't know for how long. The bad news is that three of our cards are ready, but not yet at the police station. Two of our cards (mine and one of the boy's) are not even done yet. Without those cards we have no legal proof of residency in Europe, so that could affect our ability to travel outside of SK or Czech (apparently their systems are connected). We do have a trip planned soon, so please pray they either all come in before that or we don't have any problems. Thanks to all who prayed and especially to those who let us know you were praying!”


From the Rice Family:

“Would appreciate prayer for Jason as he goes to the foreign police early tomorrow morning. He is hoping to find out why our residence cards are so delayed. Please pray it goes well and that we get at least some explanation. Thank you!”

Gages Lake Bible Church prayerfully and monetarily supports each of the Missionaries listed below. 


Bruce & Marti Brumfield
Mission Agency: AWANA
Serving in: USA - IL, WI

Mike & Sandie Campo
Mission Agency: Christian Jew Foundation
Serving in: USA - Chicago Area

Stan & Frieda Frazier
Mission Agency: New Tribes
Serving in: USA - Florida

Linda Johnson
Mission Agency: Crossworld
Serving in: USA - Now

Michael & Wendy Lambert
Kids: Zachary, Maxwell, Jackson
Mission Agency: Transworld Radio
Serving in: eSwatini Africa 
Contact: and

Jonathan & Wendy Latham
Kids: Gloria
Mission Agency: Gospel Fellowship
Serving in: Mexico


Brian & Carol Ann Lawrence
Kids: Janna, Jeremy, Isaac
Mission Agency: Christar
Serving in: Canada
Contact: AND

Mark & Joanne Mackey
Mission Agency: European Christian Mission NA, Inc.
Serving in: Ukraine, Peru, Israel 

John & Linda McGhee
Kids: David, Jeffrey
Mission Agency: New Tribes
Serving in: USA - Florida
Contact: AND

Jason & Adele Rice
Kids: Gavin, Payton, Dawson
Mission Agency: Association for Baptists for World Evangelism
Serving in: Slovakia
Contact: AND 

Henry & Linda Vosburgh
Kids: Matthew, Katelyn, Lucas
Mission Agency: Midwest Church Extension
Serving in: USA - IN, IL, WI
Contact: N/A