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This is a recent praise to God from our Missionaries - The Rice Family:

“....they're home! They let them skip ahead in line due to the kids (he had to ask) when it was 12:30 and they were only #45 in line. He did not ask in the morning b/c the mood was very tense as they ran out of tickets right away at opening. The good news is that it looks like they are setting their new expiration date according to their new passports and not our rental agreement, which is what they did with J's. The even better news is that we can now pay extra for a courier to bring the cards to us rather than having to spend all day waiting in line (again)! So we do not have to go back in to pick them up anymore! Thank you for praying! It will be A's turn in January. :)”Thank the LORD with us!


From the Rice Family:

.....the embassy mailed the passports yesterday - apparently after receiving my e-mail asking when they had been mailed. Unfortunately this means no trip to the police tomorrow, which is going to make next Wednesday a little complicated with the return of our teammates from furlough the same morning. So here's to more prayers that they arrive safely! Thank you!


From The Rice Family:

“....our teammates, who are on furlough, are based in NC. Please pray for them as they weather the hurricane that's forecasted to hit their area. Thank you!”


This just in from our Missionaries-The Rice Family:

“have two important prayer needs regarding regional attendees. One is a visa situation and the other a residence permit situation. In addition, J came down with some type of flu yesterday and is still recovering. Please pray the rest of us stay healthy, especially since this next month is filled with ministry responsibilities on top of regional conference planning. Thank you!”



From our Missionaries- Rice Family:

“....thank you for praying for our embassy trip. We headed out two hours early and made it there in an hour. They combined the three appts. so we didn't have to wait between them, which was a nice blessing. Now we can pray that they get processed and mailed back to us safely in the next two weeks. Thank you!”


This from the Rice Family:

“...would appreciate prayer as we head to the embassy this week to apply for new passports for the boys. We are especially concerned about the morning traffic we will face trying to get downtown for their set appointment times. What should take 20 min. is now taking well over an hour. Once they are received J will take the boys to the foreign police to get new residence cards. The police will no longer make a decision about residency as we have long-term residency (w/o expiration); however, the cards must be updated from time to time according to certain criteria. Prayer Update: We have learned that the person for whom we prayed last month must stay in jail until the verdict. Thank you for praying!”


From the Rice Family in Slovakia:

“would appreciate prayer for the following events in September. Planning mtgs. for the community center. J is preaching next weekend. An event for children on the 15th. Continued regional conference planning. A's moms' group will start meeting on the 10th. The boys need new passports and have to apply for new residence cards (yes, already!) Our teammates return from furlough on the 26th! They continue to raise some needed support. Thank you for praying!”


From our Missionaries the Fraziers:

Stan has had MS for many years and Frieda is the main caregiver. Spread the word.

She wrote:

“This past month someone gave us a gift anonymously for a “new” handicap van. We now have almost $8,000 toward a “new” vehicle. Now we need to pray for God’s direction to locate the van that will meet our needs. We would like a rear-entry minivan with the wheelchair channel that goes right up to the back of the front seats. That way we can park the van in our carport and also fit Stan’s power wheelchair in the van without hitting his feet in the front or hitting the rear window with the headrest of his chair. We know there’s something “out there” for us.”


Gages Lake Bible Church prayerfully and monetarily supports each of the Missionaries listed below. 


Bruce & Marti Brumfield
Mission Agency: AWANA
Serving in: USA - IL, WI

Mike & Sandie Campo
Mission Agency: Christian Jew Foundation
Serving in: USA - Chicago Area

Stan & Frieda Frazier
Mission Agency: New Tribes
Serving in: USA - Florida

Linda Johnson
Mission Agency: Crossworld
Serving in: USA - Now

Michael & Wendy Lambert
Kids: Zachary, Maxwell, Jackson
Mission Agency: Transworld Radio
Serving in: eSwatini Africa 
Contact: and

Jonathan & Wendy Latham
Kids: Gloria
Mission Agency: Gospel Fellowship
Serving in: Mexico


Brian & Carol Ann Lawrence
Kids: Janna, Jeremy, Isaac
Mission Agency: Christar
Serving in: Canada
Contact: AND

Mark & Joanne Mackey
Mission Agency: European Christian Mission NA, Inc.
Serving in: Ukraine, Peru, Israel 

John & Linda McGhee
Kids: David, Jeffrey
Mission Agency: New Tribes
Serving in: USA - Florida
Contact: AND

Jason & Adele Rice
Kids: Gavin, Payton, Dawson
Mission Agency: Association for Baptists for World Evangelism
Serving in: Slovakia
Contact: AND 

Henry & Linda Vosburgh
Kids: Matthew, Katelyn, Lucas
Mission Agency: Midwest Church Extension
Serving in: USA - IN, IL, WI
Contact: N/A