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SERVICES: SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE 10:30AM Worship with us in person or remotely! CLICK to access the Gages Bible YouTube channel 

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June 2023
EXODUS: Shadows of Jesus Christ

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Special Note about Sunday, Thursday, and Friday Small Groups: these meetings are no longer listed on the calendar, but they actively continue to meet in the background. The Sunday group meets virtually (via Zoom), whereas the Thursday and Friday (family) groups meet in person at the church. Anyone who would like more information about any of these groups, please contact Pastor Jay.

This week and next...

Vacation Bible School Meeting, May 31…All VBS volunteers are asked to attend a planning meeting at the church on Wednesday, May 31 at 6:30 p.m. We’ll make plans for this year’s VBS program and use this time to get organized so everyone knows what he/she is doing.

Board Meeting, Jun 4…The May Board Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 4 at 4:00 p.m.

Looking Ahead...see Activities/Events for more information

June Notes: Summer Break…Each summer, many weekly activities take a break until September, specifically all Small Groups, Identity Youth Group, Creation Answers for Today, Men’s Breakfast, and Ladies Fellowship Breakfast. The Wednesday Bible Studies (men and ladies rotating weeks on Wednesdays) also take a break, though sometimes a summer session is offered. You will be notified if/when a study is being considered to determine interest. 

Vacation Bible School Meeting, June 7…All VBS volunteers are asked to attend a final planning meeting at the church on Wednesday, June 7 at 6:30 p.m. We’ll review/revise final plans as necessary for this year’s VBS program, answer everyone’s questions, and finalize any loose ends.

TBD -- VBS Decorating Day, June XX…Anyone who signed up to help decorate (and anyone else who is interested in helping), please meet at the church at XX (time). 

TBD -- VBS Tear-Down Day, June XX…Those who signed up to help with the cleanup (and cleaning) to get the church back in shape for the Sunday Worship Service, please meet at the church at XX (time). Anyone else who is interested in helping with this is welcome to join us! 

Communion, June 11…

Father’s Day, June 18…To allow for family time, Prayer Meeting will not meet on this date.

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